Party Questions & Answers!


Q: What type of venue do I need?

A: A good sized, indoor venue with good parking, and easy access is essential. Heavy equipment is used in our packages with games and magic, so venues with restrictions in parking, poor access to the hired area, and limited space such as small pubs, wine bars, and city centre venues are not suitable. Good venues are inexpensive, and readily available. This is very important as you may risk cancelation of the package you have booked, if the venue is found to be unsuitable. Below are a few ideal venue types for a party with Deano that involves a magic & puppet show with games.

1. Community centres            

2. Church/village halls

3. School hall

4. Scout hut

 (For smaller venues, the face painting and balloon twisting package is available.)


Q: How do I pay? 

A: A deposit of £60 is required within 7 days of confirming the booking. You can pay by Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, By bank transfer, postal order, cheque (must be cleared before event) or PayPal HERE  (a small PayPal fee will be added). The rest is to be paid in cash on the day. You can also pay the full amount before your event if you wish.  

Q: Should I decorate the venue?

 A: Absolutely!  decorating the interior with banners, posters, and balloons is very effective and great fun. Tie balloons at the entrance of the venue to let the guests know where you are, but balloons inside are best kept on the wall, not on the floor.  Children playing with balloons and popping them during the show can be distracting and a little frightening for younger children.


Q: Can I have a party at my home?

A: For home parties, larger packages with magic and games are not suitable for homes or gardens. Even big ones. However Deano's Kids Entertainment does also provide the face painting, balloon twisting, and disco music package, which can be set up anywhere so this package is fine for a house party if you are having one. However music can only be provided indoors.

Q: What about the food?

A: For the food, joining the tables together to make one long one for the children to sit at is the best option. This way, the main central area is reserved for performances,  dancing, and games. Don't serve any food or drinks during a performance or the games as this risks spillages and mess. Also the kids are nice and hungry after all those games and they eat all the party food so there's less waste! 

Q: What about birthday presents?

A: Set up a separate table away form the main area and pop them on there. If any late comers arrive during a magic & puppet show, best to sit them down quietly behind the other children.They can greet the birthday child and hand over presents later, this way there's little chance of disrupting the show for the other guests.



Q: Should I invite adults and toddlers?                                           

A: Little tots,  are more than welcome to join in the fun, but for safety reasons, parental supervision is very important.  Grown-ups can also sit and enjoy the show too, and can be a great addition to the performance.  However, if a separate area is available for grown ups, it's also a good idea to put a few nibbles and drinks in there, so they can have a chat if they wish. This way it's not too noisy for the kids during a magic & puppet show. When the games are on, the music will be playing so everyone's welcome to have a good old chinwag!                                                                                  

Q: Can I have other entertainment going on too?

A: Some people have other things going on at a Deano's Kids Entertainment party. Bouncy castles are always popular, but will need to be deflated during a performance and the games. Not to worry though, bouncy castles have been at many Deano's Kids Entertainment parties, so we can take care of this, and they can easily be put back up quickly afterwards. Pinatas are also becoming more popular but it's best to set one up in a corner of the room, to stop sweets flying around when the pinata is hit. If you do have a lot of other things going on at the party, then your best bet is to go for our face painting and balloon modelling package. This goes on throughout the party, and doesn't get in the way of any other entertainment you have planned.


That's it! As long as there's good planning,  your child will have a party they will remember for a lifetime! But if there's anything you are unsure of, or need any more info about, don't hesitate to give us a call. We are more than happy to help!