If your having a party with Deano's Kids Entertainment and you need party bags for the guests. We can make them up for you. All we need is at least 7 days notice and you're sorted! 

 (Some products may differ subject to stock)


Unisex Party Bag: This is perfect for both boys and girls, the toys in here are suited to either. An ideal party bag for all of your little guests. Here's what's inside.

Tub of bubbles, party blower, punch balloon, bouncy ball, bag of sweets,


£2.50 per bag 



Girls' Party Bags: All of the girls favourites in here, make them all feel like a princess with this selection of gender specific party treats. excellent value, way better than high street stores. Here's what's inside.

Tub of bubbles, bracelet, ring, party blower, sweets, Bouncy ball



£2.50 per bag  

Boys' Party Bag: Boys will love this collection of cool party gifts, everything a lad wants you'll find here. Here's what's inside.

Tub of bubbles, plane kit, party blower, bag of sweets, bouncy ball



£2.50 per bag  



 Economy Party Bag: (subject to availability) This is a fantastic economy party bag option with puzzles, colouring/painting books. pre-packed all in its own carrier! 




£1.50 per bag  




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